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The Royal Muse - A novella

ISBN: 978-0-9911930-7-3

New Orleans artist, Melody Landry, looks forward to Thursdays when her trumpet-playing neighbor ignites her creativity with his haunting balcony performances. Her anguished muse has inspired six new pieces for her first-ever art gallery auction, but complications arise when she sets out to learn more about her elusive and mysterious neighbor who doesn't want people prying into his personal life. To thank him for sparking her creativity, Melody vows to help him cope with his grief. Falling in love, however, was never part of the plan.

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Flatline - Book 3
(The Bayou Secrets Saga)

​ISBN: 978-0-9911930-5-9

Caroline's world is turned upside down when she becomes trapped in limbo after a complicated and traumatic medical emergency. She not only encounters the ghosts who've haunted her for the past three years, but she also faces threats from a feared Louisiana crime boss and experiences an indescribable strength to protect her family. Through grief, pain, and natural instincts, Caroline discovers she's capable of much more than simple survival.

Deadline - Book 1
(The Bayou Secrets Saga)

​ISBN: 13:978-0-9911930-1-1

Caroline Fontenot races time to solve a mystery about her family and the harrowing past that haunts it. The secrets she learns could alter her future with her fiancé, Trevor, and all the answers she needs are hidden away in a secret journal she must find before she can say, "I do."

Insert her surprising, uninvited feelings for her handsome new Cajun helper, Cade, who is eager to help her uncover the secrets. This only further complicates things, especially when they realize someone beyond the grave is trying to keep her from discovering the truth.

Kristy's Runway - Companion novel (The Bayou Secrets Saga)

ISBN: 978-0-9911930-4-2

Fashion designer Kristy Tanner has snagged the opportunity of a lifetime: Competing during Fashion Week for a chance to work with her favorite designer. But two pink lines threaten to destroy everything she's worked toward, personally and professionally.
She's in love with Matteo "Runway" DeLuka, but isn't certain those feelings are reciprocated, and his manipulative ex isn't helping matters. She suspects he's lying, but so is she. Will all the secrets and lies tear them apart forever?

Lifeline - Book 2 
(The Bayou Secrets Saga)

ISBN: 978-0-9911930-3-5

Life in the Bayou challenges Caroline in ways she never imagined. She finally graduates college only to suffer a mysterious attack on her family, a strange encounter with a voodoo woman, and a heightened rivalry with her wicked stepmother. Between Trevor's suspicious timing, and Cade hiding the truth about his past, Caroline doesn't know who to believe. Doubts, lies, and secrets abound, but trust issues aren't the only things standing in her way.

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