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To reboot my creativity I've decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this November. It challenges writers to pump out a 50,000+ word novel in 30 days. I have a fresh, new idea for a fun time-travel romance, and I'm hoping by writing something new and fun, I'll start the ball rolling for the rest of my ideas that are stashed away for a rainy day. Here's a quick, unedited, extremely rough and subject-to-change rundown of my novel idea:

After breaking up with her fourth boyfriend in two years, a driven New Orleans realtor tries to be the one from her agency to snag an 1850s era home that is known as the gem of the Garden District, but the stubborn old codger who owns it won't budge. With a gloomy cancer diagnosis, no known beneficiaries, and no one to carry on his legacy, he is neither amused nor moved by her persuasion tactics. He wants the house to belong to someone who appreciates its value and worth, and what the majestic, generations-old place means to him. Marred by her own family issues, she's never understood loyalty to family legacies, and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to make millions if the opportunity presented itself. Annoyed, and against her sister's warnings, she finds her way into the old mansion to see if the inside is as majestic as the outside, and so she'll have an idea of price value and potential auction pieces. Instead, she stumbles upon a time portal that launches her back to 1850. Trying her best to understand what happened and blend in, she never expected to meet the original owners of the property, much less fall in love with one of them. How will she get back? Can she? Does she even want to?


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Judy McDonough