In other news, the time-travel I've been mulling over for 2 years is still not finished. I sent it to a literary agent who loved the story and my voice, and suggested a few changes to send back to her, and asked to keep an open line of communication with her. I made the changes, but hit a wall after I submitted it to several contest and received various feedback, some unkind and unhelpful, but enough to make me change things in the story. I have rewritten the beginning three chapters so much now, I'm not even sure where I want the story to go, so I'm putting it aside to visit the bayou again for a while. I will continue to keep in touch with the literary agent (she's very sweet), but I need to step away from the time travel for now before I slam it into the trash.

Judy McDonough 

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I am in the process of writing a novella about Kristy and Runway's love story, titled: KRISTY'S RUNWAY. I got the cover designed for it, and it is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to show y'all. Be sure to join The Bayou Krewe (below) so you don't miss the sneak peeks!

I'm also plotting the fourth full-length novel in the Bayou Secrets Saga, tentatively titled: Bloodline.

The next book in the Bayou Secrets saga will be a continuation of the story from a fresh, new point of view. All the same characters, but with a whole new perspective. This novel will be the crowning glory of my creation, and I can't wait to write it and share it with y'all. 

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