Kristy's Runway is something I wanted to write before I even finished writing Flatline. I love Kristy and her story, so it was exciting for me to write how she and Runway fell in love. It's an extension of The Bayou Secrets Saga, but it's more contemporary romance with only subtle elements of the paranormal. It is set in Los Angeles, California and takes place in the 6 months that passes between the end of Lifeline and beginning of Flatline. I know you will love it. <3

A relationship without communication is like life without oxygen. It can’t survive.

Fashion designer Kristy Tanner has snagged the opportunity of a lifetime: Competing during Fashion Week for a chance to work with her favorite designer! Between her recent promotion and her gorgeous boyfriend Matteo “Runway” DeLuka, all her dreams are about to come true.

But two pink lines—the ones she only thought she’d see after an amazing wedding—put a shocking kink in her plans. The kink twists into a full-blown knot when she realizes a surprise baby announcement so soon could backfire. To make matters worse, she inadvertently provokes the one person who could destroy everything.

Runway’s elite surveillance company has been hired to help bring down a manipulative tyrant who has dirt on every VIP in Beverly Hills, blackmailing them for professional gain. When he realizes the threat is his ex and she’s working directly with Kristy, he knows he must risk betraying the woman he loves to protect her.

As the competition heats up, the danger intensifies. Can Runway complete his mission in time to keep Kristy safe? Will all the secrets and lies tear them apart forever?

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This story takes place in 2020 in the French Quarter of New Orleans

in the wake of Mardi Gras. Well before anyone knew what

this virus was or how serious it would become.

If you're going to be quarantined, a luxurious condo on Royal Street is the place to be.

The Royal Muse:

New Orleans artist, Melody Landry, looks forward to Thursdays when her trumpet-playing neighbor ignites her creativity with his haunting balcony performances. Her anguished muse has inspired six new pieces for her first-ever art gallery auction, but complications arise due to the Coronavirus social distancing order. With nothing but time on her hands, she sets out to learn more about her elusive and mysterious neighbor. Falling in love, however, was never part of the plan.

Reece Thomas hasn’t fully recovered from a tragic, life-altering, French Quarter mugging, despite the efforts of his annoyingly-optimistic younger brother. He pushes everyone away and drowns his grief in his music and alcohol, owning isolation like a boss. That is until an artist with the voice of an angel moves in across the street and gives him a reason to wake up every day. 

But in the midst of a pandemic, can she inspire him enough to find comfort somewhere besides the bottom of a whisky bottle?

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